Frequently Asked Questions about Recording Maps and Plats

Must all maps be presented to the Review Officer?
All maps must be presented to the Review Officer UNLESS

Does the register of deeds need to verify the name of the review officer who approves the plat for recording?
Yes. The register is responsible for making sure that the person who signs as review officer is named in the resolution required by (GS 47-30.2. It is a good idea to maintain and post a current list of the names of all review officers appointed by the county commissioners.

Are municipal boundary maps, annexation maps, highway right of way plats and roadway corridor maps subject to the review process?
No. The 1998 amendment to GS 47-30 exempts these maps from the review process.

Can the review officer named in the resolution delegate his authority to another person?
Yes, if the commissioners resolution authorizes delegation. If John Jones is the review officer and he delegates authority to Sam Smith, the review officer's certificate should be signed "John Jones by Sam Smith".

Is the register of deeds required to check for control corners?
No. Effective October 1, 1997 this responsibility was transferred to review officers.

If a certified copy of a plat recorded in county A is presented for recording in county B, is review officer approval required before recording in county B?
Yes. The review officer in county B must approve the certified copy before it can be recorded in county B.

Can the review officer charge a fee for reviewing plats?

Can the register of deeds or the review officer require that the surveyor include the review officer certificate on plats presented for recording>
No. This can only be done through a subdivision ordinance.

Is the register of deeds required to record a plat approved by the review officer even if the register of deeds thinks the review officer made a mistake?
Yes. Although the answer to this question is yes, it is important to remember that all parties need to work together to ensure that quality plats are recorded. If registers of deeds and review officers maintain a good working relationship, obvious problems can be corrected before plats are recorded.

Registers of deeds can record plats without review officer approval if the surveyor certifies to GS 47-30(f)(11)b. or c. Must the wording in the surveyor's certificate recite the wording of 47-30(f)(11)b and c exactly?
No. It is important to note that the wording should be substantially the same so that the meaning of the statements in the certificate match the intent of the statute.

If a timber deed is accompanied by a rough drawing of a piece of property, must the attachment be approved by the review officer?
The map does not have to be presented to the review officer if it is labeled : "THIS MAP IS NOT A CERTIFIED SURVEY AND HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED BY A LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY FOR COMPLIANCE WITH ANY APPLICABLE LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS." and the map is no larger than 8.5" by 14". "Rough drawing" assumes the map does not have an original signature and seal of a registered land surveyor or that the map is not a certified copy of a map on file. Note: a map is any drawing that attemps to represent a part of the earth's surface."

Does the language in the review officer's certificate have to exactly match the wording in the statute?
No. The language must be substantially the same.

Do plats prepared by a surveyor who is deceased at the time the plat is presented for recording have to be approved by the review officer?
Yes. It is the responsibility of the person presenting the plat to the review officer to prove that the plat was prepared but not recorded prior to the death of a registered land surveyor.

Does the review officer have to approve plats prepared by registered land surveyors that were signed and sealed prior to October 1, 1997?

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