Checklist for Plats and Maps

Review Officer's Responsibilities

Surveyor's Responsibilities

A map must be presented to the Review Officer unless:
  1. GS 47-30(f)(11) b or c is applicable,
  2. the map is a municipal boundary plat, annexation map, highway R-O-W plan, or roadway corrdor map, or
  3. the map is an attachment containing the non-certified survey statement.
Provide the plat to the review officer for review
Expeditious Review -- GS 47-30.2(b) The review officer is responsible for reviewing plats in a timely manner. The review officer examines the plat for compliance after all approvals and certificates have been affixed to the plat. This is the last step before the plat is recorded by the register. no responsibility
Size requrements GS 47-30(a) Size of plat must meet the register of deeds' requirements; plats must have a minimum 1.5" border on the left side and a minimum 0.5" border on the other sides. Surveyor must submit the map on the proper size.
Reproducible GS 47-30(b) Plat must be reproducible so legible copies can be made. Surveyor is responsible for making sure that the plat is submitted on the proper material as stated in GS 47-30(b). Proper material is ink on mylar or archivable material -- no paper, sepia, velum, linen, etc.
Title Block GS 47-30(c) Title block information required by statute must be shown.
  1. Name of owner
  2. Property designation
  3. Township, county, state
  4. Date or dates the survey was made
  5. Scale or scale ratio
  6. Name and address of the surveyor or firm preparing the plat
The surveyor is responsible for putting all the required information in the title block.
The existance of the surveyor's certificate as to land use regulations, one of the five choices per GS 47-30f(11). If the surveyor certifies to choice 11 b or c, the plat may be recorded without review officer approval. If the surveyor includes the language in the certificate but does not certify the specific provisions that apply, they plat cannot be recorded. Surveyor must include the certificate per GS 47-30(f)(11).
The presence of the surveyor's original signature, seal, and registration number as prescribed in GS 47-30(d), but a map prepared before October 1, 1997 that meets the signing and certification requirements of the statute at that time can be recorded. Sticky-back seals may not be used, but computer-generated seals are acceptable. Provide all information on plat as required under the statute
The review officer is responsible for making sure that the plat contains control corners when required by GS 39-32.3 (A plat of land subdivided for purposes of sale and on which streets have been laid off) but does not question the quality or number of control corners used by the surveyor. Control Corners -- GS 39-32.3 A plat of land subdivided for purposes of sale and on which streets have been laid off must show control corners.
DOT approval -- GS 136-102.6 A plat of land that shows lots subdivided for sale on which there is a new public street or a change in an existing street must have the approval of the local district engineer of the Division of Highways. The review officer must make sure that all new streets and changes in existing streets are designated either public or private. The surveyor is responsible for making sure the plat has been approved by DOT before it is submitted for review by the review officer.
Subdivision Ordinaces -- GS 153A-332 and GS 160A-373. In cities and counties with subdivision ordinances, all subdivision plats must show planning agency approval before the plats can be recorded. The review officer is responsible for making sure the proper unit has approved the plat but the review officer does not review the approving authority's work. The surveyor is responsible for making sure that the appropriate planning agency has approved the plat before it is submitted to the review officer.
GS 47-30(m) and (n) Maps attached to deeds must be no larger than 8.5" by 14" and
  1. be prepared by a survey and contain the surveyor's original signature and seal; or
  2. be a certified copy of a map having an original signature and seal; or
Prepare map as required by statute
Exemption to GS 47-30 Maps prepared by a surveyor who is deceased at the time the map is presented for recording is exempt from the requirements of that statute, but not other statutes related to plat review. GS 47-30(h) It is the responsibility of the person presenting the plat to prove to the Review Officer that the plat was prepared but not recorded prior to the death of a registered land surveyor.
no responsibility North Arrow
no responsibility Course and distance of property lines surveyed
no responsibility Distances, horizontal or grid
no responsibility Information about curved lines
no responsibility Closure
no responsibility Names of adjacent landowners
no responsibility Right of ways, watercourses, utilities, roadways
no responsibility Grid Ties
no responsibility Vicinity Map

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